About Us

Our company specializes in All Tax Matters. In order to serve our clients with a Holistic Approach we do not limit our services to only Taxes.  Your personal and business matters are professionally managed on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Our Story

Started in 2003 the owner and founder began a very small inhouse practice while working at one of the largest Bronx Tax Office in NY. Year after year the practice grew by referral only. The owner and founder strongly believed in good people knowing other good people. The company was built on Integrity, Loyalty and Education not just a preparation.  In 2011 the practice branched out from the inhouse office. Owner and founder along with a dear friend and Partner independently continued to grow the practice in 2012 with the move to Long Island, NY. Today the company NY Income Tax Specialist assist individuals, families and businesses serving over 14 different states and growing.