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  • Due to the various scope of work our firm offers we cannot have set prices. Tax planning, Accounting, Tax resolution work and Consultations are priced on a case by case basis and accompanied by a customized letter of engagement per each service.

Tax Preparation:

  • Individual Tax Returns start at $375.00 and up
  • Business/ Non-profit Tax Returns start at $750.00 and up
  • All other forms and schedules ‘needed’ to be filed within the returns are additional cost on a per form basis.


  • Although most of our clients are referrals. We understand that it can be hard to trusting a new accountant with your financial matters, we offer a $50.00 discount for each 1st time tax client.
  • We give a 10% off to all Veterans who have served our country. Thank you!
  • We give $50.00 off to Seniors 65+ every year.


  • Although it is very unlikely to occur. Any requested refunds are based on the terms in the letter of engagement signed by Taxpayer(s)/Client and Firm.


  • If a scheduled in-person appointment is not cancelled within 24hrs of the appointment there will be an added late fee of $25.00 at their next appointment.
  • Cancellation of any services will be based on the terms and conditions of the engagement letter that was signed by Taxpayer(s)/Client and Firm.