Secure Client Portal

*The Client Portal Login is being updated for a smoother Tax Season

What does Intuit Link do?

    • You will receive reminders on when to send your data to us.
    • Answer interview questions and checklist for the current tax year.
    • Have flexibility to collect and share your tax data with us all year-round from any device by uploading documents, snapping a picture, or by providing credentials from your financial institutions.
    • Feel secure knowing that your personal data is securely stored and transferred with bank-level security via 256 bit-encryption

Accessing the Account:

    • You should have received an email inviting you to your link. You may use the same log in and password as last year. If you did not get the email invite, please check your spam mail or call the office to confirm we have the correct email on file.
    • You will follow the link and it will ask you for a password please choose your personal password.